A late start

by cgiambri2 on May 25, 2009

Yikes, where is the time going.  I have not gone

hunting for my veggie plants yet.  The weather

has not been great. Usually I may have shared

I start my own seeds in the sunroom, but this

year the weather has not been inviting.  So I

guess it’s time to support the nurseries.  I’m

always supporting them even if I grow a million

plants indoors, I just need that one more plant.

Can never get all the varieties, but in my mind

and pocket I always strive too. 

I love gardening.  This year I’m about eating

more unsprayed weeds from my yard.  They

are at least 50′ from this country setting so I

am not concerned about bad stuff grabbing

them.  After another edible weed walk this

weekend, I’m convinced growing more weeds

are the answer to saving on the food bill and

having more varieties in my smoothies and

fresh salads that take about 2 minutes or less

to make.

Well, I see I missed out writing here for a while

but since I am still in transition with this site

I’m putting out some teasers for the “about me”


Oh, talking about workingsprinklers.com,

business is very good.  The faithful customers

are returning, some  new ones are sprinkling

in, but all in all, we’re off to a great start.  I

suppose the economy may have something to

do with business, but when you deliver

EXCELLent services, the choice is for people

to find a way to return. 

For myself, I have two domains that are not

up and running yet.  May have to outsource for

help: www.TipsforExcellentCustomerService.

com; www.TipsforHealthandWellness.com

I think you can detect here what  I will talking


Oh, for the upcoming father’s day, I’m declaring

it Happy Mens Day cause not everyone can be

or chooses to be a father, but every  man can

choose to be a man.  I don’t want to limit anyone.

I think recognizing that Happy Father’s Day is

one day a year on the calendar doesn’t spell

the whole picture.  I have therefore gotten

the domain www.happymensday.com for

everyday of the year.  Will it be developed

quickly?  My track record will show you

probably  not, but I can surprise us all.

Till I chat again, I welcome your comments.

For services if you are  sort of local,

303 456 1822, John & Son Landscape, here in

COlorado, USA close to Denver metro area

and up north.

Cheers to a quick coming  new month soon.

Happy planting, take care of the weeds without

the spray please and care for your fabulous

pets.  Make this and everyday count big time.

Sure add your valuABLE comments.

Cheery, cheery days ahead,



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