by cgiambri2 on June 11, 2009

Business is slow due to weather right now. We are

weather driven and had good business earlier,

but still people are holding off from spending

their money due to the weather.

Still, there is hope as summer has to come

eventually.  I have some seeds planted, but

have many plants still needing to planting.

At least right now I have some lettuce, beets

and beans right now in the ground as of a

days ago.  I have different varieties of cukes

to get planted.

I love gardening.

I’m doing window boxes for herbs so they can be moved inside and clipped during the summer as they are growing

outside.  In the winter the boxes can come inside

and I can still eat fresh, organic too.

I love clipping and instantly eating fresh herbs.

Have tried eating chives. I understand they

multiply like crazy and in a contained window

box I don’t mind.

Oh, I forget…basil is also growing.  There are

tons of varities but I go for the most familiar. 

Gotta see what that is called, but maybe someone

can “CHIME” in and share that quicker than I

post it.

Picked up some cherry tomato gallon size pots

at a great price yesterday.  I have our four year

old grandbaby visiting next month so I hope to

have her pick fresh tomatoes and develop a love

for veggie picking right from the garden. 

Well, thing that is enough for the moment. I can

write much more, but still I hope this is reading

“adds” value to you.  I hope you will return soon

as well.

Right now I am trying to create my own personal

website presence.  I am glad to write here to help

my hubby which in turn helps  me, so watch for

those updates.

I am thinking at the moment one focus may be

helping encourage the AARP generation, over 50

year old folks pursue their dreams, without

excuses. I will include health as one of the

excuses even if reality. I can see creating some

recipe books as well.  I have many tricks/tips

with 30 years of experience I have under my


Like what I have to say.  Know others who may

value from this blog and/or my upcoming 

intentions? You may not be 50 but your friends,

parents or family  members may need this and

a gift to them by knowing about me.

Oh, Father’s Day is around the corner.  I have not

developed my domain for that now, but on

behalf of men who are not fathers for one  reason

or not, maybe wish them Happy Men’s Day when

that day comes around.  Everyday should be

a happy mens day. Everyone can be a man, but

not all can be a father. Right.  To all the men

reading or those men in your life remember them

daily.  They deserve the best “positive” stroke

from you.

Better end here before this becomes a book-

more than you came to read here. 

Enjoy your day…till we talk again…I’m reading

your comments and appreciate all the positive

ones only.  Lots of negative in this world, so I’m

after the positive, but always willing to change

to grow and improve.

Bye…..for the moment…

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