Spring time maybe

by cgiambri2 on May 8, 2009

Even though it may seem like spring in the Rocky

Mountains do I believe  it yet? Not really when

snow was just here, cold temperatures just

coming forward so am I confused? Maybe.

I see signs of  lots of dandelions and am happy.

Yes, happy I am as I don’t spray weeds, but

hung for them in my yard. Dandelions have

great nutritional value. Of course if you live

they say about 50 feet from traffic, t hen skip

the free pickings or if you spray your weeds

pass them up for a wonderful salad you may

have had.

If you still have dandelions and looking

for a great, fast recipe, as I’m about quick,

nutritious, delish eating here’s a teaser. You

can find more, but start here.

Dandelion Salad-Carol Giambri

Pick flowers, leaves and stems of dandelions

Wash, cut leaves and stems in small pieces.

(Food processor great here)

Save flowers for decoration

Cut up fresh tomatoes

Cut up fresh onions-your favorite or



Add olive oil, salt (opt), lemon juice.

Mix. Serve as fresh salad.

Other recipes may google for. See dandelions

if you can as your friend. Some health food

stores now sell them at pricey prices.

I found this site, not saying the recipes are

all where I am in my short look, but still

gotta get you started so picked this one out.


See ya soon.

I’m going a better feel of WordPress postings

so hopefully I can transform this site or else

see help where others are more experienced.

Till we talk again, take care of your working

sprinklers or get it working.

If you are local to us, Denver metro area,

contact me business number, for appointment

details at 303 456 1822 MST.  I’ll be glad to

help you decide if we’re your best choice.

Oh, watch how this site evolves. I’m a  health nut

so you just never know what can show up here.

We still want your working sprinklers working.

We are lovingly,


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