Yeah, garden vs. real life

by cgiambri2 on June 18, 2009

Some of us bloom slower or faster than others.  Same

things with our garden.  Some seems germinate

and grow up faster then their friends.  It doesn’t

mean they quit blooming either.

Can you relate to your life or your garden


At this point my plants have

hardened off which means I

have let them sit outside long

enough getting used to this

crazy Colorado weather this

year.  So now the rush is on

for me to do my planting.

With gardening and being a lover of eating

fresh from my ground I can never have to

many varities of all these tomatoes, cukes,

lettuce, squash and more.  So guess what I

have: tons of stuff to plant.

All is good and no complaints. Why complain? 

Find excuses in life to rejoice.  Whether it be

finding the greatest sprinkler guy like my

husband who is the best out there for his

experience and his value system or just

because you are breathing and alive.

Find the positive in who you are daily.

Just because you don’t have a product or

website presence doesn’t mean the people

you meet at networking events won’t have

some other connection or reason to be a

blessing to each of you.

Just getting too personal here as I just

reflected on that in a comment format not here.

Also be real: If you are using your picture

online from 5, 10, 20 years back, how about

an updated picture.  Meeting someone online

at a networking meeting or a bootcamp as a

totally diffeferent picture face from way back

was recently quite shocking.

Be real. You are who you are so admit it or change.

I’m changing as I am booming over the 50 year

old woman group called boomer woman.  For

some they may have my story of not wanting to

let my past haunt my future: living on peanuts

called social security for my life or outliving

the system as a healthy person.

Regardless change is good as you watch your

own garden of life, whether it be grass or

website presence or volunteering, be prepared

to change.  Change can be a great thing if used


Hope my reflection was a positive note for you

today; if not, perhaps at a later time. I mean in

no way to come off negative or hurtful.   Take

my writings done in love–what this world

needs more is love sweet love!   Are you gaining value

from my reflecting?

Oh, get your sprinklers working now and save

water and time.  Needing to connect our

sprinkler theme. For you locals, needing this

great service, we are the best without bragging.

Find out for yourself.  Don’t let the dollar

be your only way to judge a company.  We

choose to offer you the best value for your

hard earned dollars.  Choose us first and

stop calling others.  If  you are pleased with

your contractor, keep him busy and happy.

Promote his services to all!  Don’t wait for

them to ask, but promote that company now.

The economy for some is tough, so be an

extra blessing for the blessing they have

proved already about their work on your


Okay, now really off. You can still see this

site a slow work in progress. However, I am

enjoying reflecting on who I am.  What you

see is what you get!  Being real without

pretending to be a different picture when you

see me in person.  Send others here to do

reading.  This may be a great place for me to

also hook up to network.  I’m passionate about

people being healthy, so if they are ready to

change, I rather seem invest in my decades of

experience and track record, then have them

take their hard earned money and flush it

down the toilet supporting a medical model

that promotes ongoing dependence on drugs.

Not saying doctors don’t have a place or I am

a medical provider, but still depend more

on your own education or hire someone who

chooses to go against the grain and life a more

natural lifestyle. 

To the boomer woman over 50 I can relate to

you, but regardless where you in age or health

journey, change for yourself only.  I make it

easy to show you how. 

For you locals interested in vegetarian

cooking classes?  I don’t slave away in the

kitchen long, but short, sweet and delicious

fast is my golden rule for cooking.   Best of

health to ya too. Whew.  Finished.  Feel like I

just completed a book.

Cheers……….till I write again or see your note,

share me with others please.


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