Good question and answers below.  We treat customers like the Apple store and products treat us: VERY well all the time.


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What we believe:

As consumers what irritates me is companies that take your money and when there is a problem they are either not returning your call or refuse to come back.

WE are not the like the rest. Proud to deliver the BEST in service, customer service and dependability! Customers returning for 20 years. No all but several–others relocate etc. We want your business – why?

*We are challenged as seasonal business thriving or just surviving.  We choose to thrive. You can help spread the "secret" to those who wish EXCELLENCE in all we do. We are not boasting but saying truth. Like I began to say as customers ourselves we know what we want. I want to be another APPLE store model — this means, they care to the maximum about your business. They stand for EXCELLENCE in everything! Our prices are based on VALUE not just showing up, but delivering to the max!  Location is a factor. Give us a try and you will be back again.  Now let others know before they have a problem.

John & Son

303 456 1822

(Leave message if no answer-could be on phone).